The South African Coat of Arms

The advent of the millennium is also the moment that heralds the emergence of a new identity for South Africa in the 21st Century. The Coat of Arms is the symbol of South Africa’s highest office and authority. It is a coded narrative that contains the overarching and far reaching story of South African aspirations and resilient striving in overcoming its complex and contested history. In essence it embodies the tireless efforts of a people on a heroic quest of self discovery and identification in a local, continental and globally emergent context.

Underpinning the moral significance of its message are the various structures of operational implementation and effective utility. To function in realms of law, commerce and culture, its adaptations and compliances serve to provide a common paradigm and purpose to being South African in all its various manifestations.

Logistically it is an ongoing task of creating and maintaining channels of community and communication. Its visible presence descends from the global establishments of embassies and legations, participative affiliation to collective structures such as the United Nations, BRICS and IMF. Inversely its operation ascends from local representative government through various Departments of State to various hybrid enterprises and public benefit organisations. It manifests across all identification protocols from the globally monolithic to the minimal endorsements of private and commercial interest in business and leisure industry. It contains, transmits and regulates the essential embodiment of the DNA of the South African identity and ideation in both the preservation and projection of living interests.

Formally it is recognised as the most innovative statement of its type: synthesising the tradition of Heraldry, the narratives of geographical and political identity and the rigorous functions of brand management in an entirely new conception of identity and intent.

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