The BrandWealth Efficiency

Most brands have a parity offer, lack a differentiated value proposition and clear positioning.

Marketing communications often do not communicate the essential brand promise. This lives within an increasing plethora of analogue and digital platforms and channels. It’s a brand agency and brand marketer’s conundrum. It increases the need for clear identity, consistent brand expression, recognition and brand promise. Often, the wrong mix of channels are used to communicate to customers. Or the brand promise is not consistently distilled appropriately for short-form or more expansive media. Digital marketing is cost-attractive, as it should be. Its impact is limited accordingly. When translated to purchase the electronic bots or live staff often do not deliver on the brand positioning, resulting in a gap between brand perceptions and brand delivery. These factors undermine brand wealth.

The net result of BrandWealth’s involvement with you.

Through intellectual property and techniques, we enable the marketer to build greater brand value at lower cost.

A brand is an opportunity for a company to leverage its resources to create wealth for its stakeholders better than its rival brands.

The BrandWealth Philosophy

BrandWealth was born from a concern that most brands and communications agencies are not strategic and creatively relevant in thinking and executions. This undermines brand resources and ultimately, the value of the brand.

The BrandWealth Methodology

Great brands start with a strong value proposition and positioning.

We believe in following the simple equation of balancing efficiency and aligned output to positioning.